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On 2011-06-01, Tagged with: cloud-law, john-clippinger

Law Lab co-director John Clippinger proposes a vision to consider new ways of thinking about the law in relations to the Cloud.

Facebook is Betting Against its Users

On 2010-06-04, Tagged with: john-clippinger, online-privacy

Note: This piece was originally published at the Huffington Post.

Facebook is at it again: Here are our new privacy settings. Trust us, we will take care of you.

FTC Roundtable Explores Online Privacy

On 2010-04-22, Tagged with: events, john-clippinger, online-privacy, zeba-khan

Can there be security and privacy online after the fact?

Digital Firms for the Net

On 2009-04-20, Tagged with: digital-firms, finance-3point0, john-clippinger

Law Lab co-director John Clippinger discusses digital firms and Vermont’s digital corporate transactions law on Bank of America’s Future Banking Blog: