Workshops Archive

  • Oct 15, 2010

    Educating the Digital Lawyer

    This half-day workshop explored the role of law schools in educating lawyers for practice in an increasingly digital milieu. The workshop provided an opportunity for academics, practitioners, and others active in developing the digital future of law to work on envisioning a digital law curriculum.

  • Sept 10-11, 2010

    New Governance Models: Exploring Next Generation Governance Models

    As we seek to address the challenges—and respond to the possibilities—presented by the interest of government officials in online tools and norms, we have a unique opportunity to impact the government’s role in creating new forms of regulation, governance, and civic participation. This Law Lab workshop series sought to build on the O’Reilly Gov 2.0 Summit by continuing the conversation on the future of public and private governance in the digital world.

  • Jun 15-16, 2009

    Cloud Law: A Global Digital Infrastructure for E-Services and E-Governance

    As cloud computing becomes more pervasive, it has the prospect of becoming a new global computing infrastructure. By making computing resources available anywhere, anytime, to anyone, at relatively low cost, cloud computing will further the digitalization and virtualization in all spheres of social, economic, cultural and civic life. New kinds of institutions and policies will need to be devised that span not just the physical and the digital, but the jurisdictions of nation states and international agreements, profoundly challenging time-honored notions of governance and sovereignty. Complex issues concerning privacy, security, and local jurisdiction are but the tips of the iceberg as new kinds of financial and technical services are designed to leverage—and exploit— the opportunities presented by globalized computing resources.

  • Jun 8, 2009

    Online Dispute Resolution: Theoretical Aspects of Crowd Sourced ODR

    The meeting was convened by the Berkman Center’s Law Lab project and eCitizen Foundation, a nonprofit focused on improving civic participation with online tools. eCitizen sees a clear need for improved dispute resolution systems in civic engagement settings, particularly in online government dialogue platforms. The purpose of the workshop was to have an initial conversation regarding the research efforts and development approaches of each organization on the topic of “crowdsourced online dispute resolution” (cODR). A key goal for the workshop was to discuss overlapping research interests and potential points of synergy between the Berkman Center and eCitizen, particularly as each institution continues to focus on online dispute resolution in the broader contexts of public policy debates, online cooperation, digital institutions, and initiatives in open government.